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Attention to investors and purchasers in the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, at 325 Bay St., Toronto, Ontario:

This website seeks to provide the latest information and developments relating to investments made in the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto. If you have purchased a hotel unit in this tower, we encourage you to seek legal advice immediately to understand your rights and obligations. You should speak to your existing lawyer, or contact our lawyers at (416) 972-9001, as soon as possible.

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Due to the complex nature of this dispute, 12 lawyers of Heydary Elliott PC and other legal professionals are working on this matter. To streamline communications, please use the email addresses listed below for all communications, as opposed to contacting individual lawyers at our firm.

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May 30, 2013: In an effort to expedite and streamline the litigation process for our clients and their various claims, Madam Justice Low issued a ruling that all of the Trump proceedings commenced by our clients would be case-managed before a single judge, Madam Justice Janet Wilson. It is expected that the involvement of Justice Wilson in the oversight and scheduling of these multiple actions will allow these claims to proceed more expeditiously.

December 1, 2012: Our firm, on behalf of our clients, requests that the OSC meet with us as legal representatives for the investors who have retained our firm so that we may present the Commission with our clients’ position regarding its ongoing inquiry into this project.

December 1, 2012: Our firm, on behalf of our clients, requests a ruling from the OSC on the issue of investors being provided with interim statements for the Reservation Program, arguing that Talon’s position on this issue would be contrary to the underlying purpose of the protections contained in the Securities Act and, in particular, would undermine the very goal of the 2004 Ruling which was to protect potential investors.

November 29, 2012: In response to a demand by our firm for interim statements for the Reservation Program (for the whole program as opposed to statements for individual investors), legal counsel for Talon takes the position that investors, including our clients, are not entitled to such reports. In particular, Talon takes the position that our clients are not “Owners” yet for the purposes of the 2004 OSC Ruling as final closing has not yet occurred.

November 28, 2012: A number of our clients assist the OSC in its ongoing investigation – the details of said assistance is confidential due to a number of concerns including the protection of our clients’ privacy.

November 26, 2012: In response to the ongoing investigation by the Ontario Securities Commission, Talon International Inc. has publicly announced that all closing dates are being postponed until December 13, 2012.

The information provided herein is intended to be a general comment or general discussion, not legal advice, and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Should you require legal advice regarding your rights and obligations in relation to the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, please obtain independent legal advice, or contact us at newclients@tlawsuit.ca.